Traditional Favourite


Medium curry cooked in an onion sauce garnished with coriander.


Hot curry cooked in onion sauce with a touch of lemon juice, garnished with coriander.


Cooked in a condensed succulent hot, sweet and sour sauce garnished with fresh coriander

Korma (N)

Very mild dish cooked with nuts and coconut cream in a luxurious creamy sauce.


Spinach shallow cooked with fresh herbs and medium spices.


Cooked with diced onions, peppers and tomato in a glorious medium dry sauce


An appetising spicy dish cooked with finely chopped onions, green peppers and tomato in a rich medium dry sauce garnished with coriander.

Dal Masalla

Slightly hot and sour cooked in a delicious lentils sauce, fenugreek garnished with coriander.

Rogon Josh

A stimulating dish prepared with herbs richly garnished with tomato, fenugreek, onions and green peppers.


Hot, sweet sour cooked in a tongue tingling lentils sauce with pineapple and fenugreek.

Chicken 7.50
Lamb 7.50
Duck 8.50
Prawn 7.50
Keema (Minced Lamb) 7.50
King Prawn 12.50
Vegetable V 7.00
Tikka 7.95
Add any vegetable for an extra £1.00