Old Time Favourites

Fusion Platter – for 2 person 10.00

Consisting of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, chicken kebab, grilled salmon.

King Prawn Phatia Puree 4.95

Deep fried leavened bread garnished with king prawn.

Shashlick – Chicken | Lamb | Paneer 4.50

Marinated in spices then cooked over charcoal with onions peppers and tomatoes.

Peppered Paprika 4.50

Roasted pepper stuffed with chicken, lamb or vegetable.

Enda Kebab 4.50

Boiled egg coated with minced lamb and garnished with fried egg.

Puree – Prawns | Chicken | Potato 4.50

Deep fried leavened bread garnished with one of the above.

Tandoori Chicken 3.95

On the bone chicken marinated in spices, cooked over charcoal.

Tikka – Chicken | Lamb 3.95

Chicken or Lamb fillet marinated in spices then cooked over charcoal.

Sheek – Chicken | Lamb 3.95

Minced Lamb or chicken spiced with herbs & flame grilled.

Pakora – Chicken | Ponir Garlic 3.95

Deep fried chicken or Indian cheese smothered in batter.

Chat – Prawns | Chicken | Potato 3.95

Diced onions, potato & cucumber cooked with one of the above.

Vegetarian Platter – for 2 person 9.00

Consisting of onion bhajee, vegetable somosa, vegetable pakora & grilled paneer.

Onion Bhaji V 3.50

Spiced onions & potatoes deep fried in batter.

Samosa – Veg | Lamb 3.50

Pastry filled with minced lamb or veg, deep fried.

BBQ Sea Bass 5.50

Prawns served with a salad dressing in cocktail sauce.

Melon – Seasonal 3.50