Flame Grilled Barbecue Speciality

All dishes are marinated in our own special mixture of herbs and spices, then slowly flame grilled on skewers in a charcoal clay oven, served with fresh crisp salad.

Barbecue Fusions A feast of chefs special mixture 12.50
Tikka – Chicken | Lamb 7.95
Tandoori Chicken 7.95
Duck Tikka 8.50
Grilled Paneer 7.95
Shashlick – Chicken | Lamb | Paneer 7.95
Duck Shashlick 8.50
King Prawn Shashlick 8.95
Chicken Paneer Shashlik 8.50
Peppered Grilled Salmon 10.50
Barbecued King Prawn 12.50
Barbecued Bangladeshi Fish Steak 10.50