Classic Biriyani

Complete main meal cooked with the finest basmati rice, spiced to a delicate taste, garnished with fresh tomatoes and cucumber, complemented by a vegetable curry.

Sylheti Special Biriyani 10.50
Lamb Biriyani 7.95
Chicken Biriyani 7.95
Prawn Biriyani 7.95
King Prawn Biriyani 12.50
Keema Biriyani 7.95
Vegetable Biriyani (V) 7.50
Chicken and Lamb Biriyani 8.95
Chicken Vegetable Biriyani 8.95
Chicken and Potato Biriyani 8.95
Chicken and Mushroom Biriyani 8.95
Chicken Tikka Biriyani 8.95
Prawn and Chicken Biriyani 9.50
Lamb and Potato Biriyani 8.95