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the food is always excellent we have visited a few times, i had my hen night in here last year it was brilliant the staff were fantastic and we was dressed as nuns, tarts, and vicars i would defiantly tell people to try it out !!!
Date of Posting: 22 September 2016
Posted By: debbie jones
My husband and I came for a meal on Friday 06 May 16. We ordered the Set Meal for two which had two dishes on that we had not tried before. The Food was excellent and enjoyed the different dishes. The atmosphere was very good with Bollywood style music on the TV and quietly in the background. We will definitely come back !.
Date of Posting: 10 May 2016
Posted By: Clare Axworthy
It was mine and my partners first time here last night
It's was lovely. Gorgeous food and people very friendly and attentive
We loved the decor
Fabulous place will be definitely coming again
See you soon guys ☺️
Date of Posting: 15 February 2016
Posted By: Emily
Have to take time to mention a dish called Jalalee Khana which is amazing, I've had at the Blue Lagoon, is by far the tastiest food i've had at an Indian restaurant.

When we've visited always made to feel extremely welcome and the guys greet us with such a lovely friendly manner, all credit to them all, the beautifully decorated interior and fantastic food.

Unfortunately we have now moved to Cheltenham and never see that particular dish anywhere which is a pity as i love it !!

The Blue Lagoon is great!!!
Date of Posting: 27 September 2015
Posted By: Luka
Hello Izie & everyone!! Have said how much we love coming to your restaurant, so here it is, fabulous food & service every time, we will miss you when we move !!
Judie & Barrie

Date of Posting: 05 January 2015
Posted By: Judie & Barrie Gittens
I recently visited the Blue Lagoon Evesham and wow what a surprise!!

The dining experience was incredible the food was superb well presented first class The service was also first class. Staff were friendly, helpful and informative.

I couldn't find anything to complain about or or even criticise

To summarise FANTASTIC
Date of Posting: 01 November 2014
Posted By: Edmund Gray
Home Delivery, Ordered through Just Eat..
What can I say but EXCELLENT
I did expect a wait as it was. Friday night, but one hour as stated it arrived.
Driver was smart and friendly.
But the food... A+ Fantastic. Lamb rogan heaven!
Confident to order from them again and tell friends too.
Thanks to all at Blue Lagoon specially the chef.
Date of Posting: 12 September 2014
Posted By: R Seunarayan.
Me and my boyfriend once had blue lagoon 3 times in a week! Absolutely lush food and so good for price. Will never go elsewhere. Thanks guys.
Date of Posting: 03 January 2014
Posted By: Heather
Dined at the Blue Lagoon just over a week ago. We were impressed with the food, décor, and service. This was a midweek dine, so it was fairly quite. A few days ago I booked a table for last night (Saturday) for 7pm.

When we arrived it was about 30% occupied. However, it filled up rapidly. Service was quite slow. We didn't mind this, as we could see that the few staff that were front of house were rushed off their feet, working very hard (there was one small chubby man, who just seemed to wander around not doing much).

The food came at 7.20pm, not bad considering how busy they were. As usual the food was excellent, and the service very good, under the circumstances.

As we finished our main course at 8.30pm, the small chubby man came over and asked us if we had finished. We said we had, and without asking us whether we wanted a desert, coffee, or for that matter a hot towel, he asked us if we would leave the table and go to the bar, as they were back to back on bookings! I should also add that he interrupted a rather intimate moment to say this.

Needless to say my wife and I were amazed. Clearly we felt this was appalling treatment, and rather than deal with this at the table, where we suspected it might be embarrassing for them, we went to the bar to explain our disappointment.

My wife spoke to the small chubby man who displayed what I can only describe as the most unpleasant, and aggressive attitude that we have ever experienced. My wife explained that we had only been served food at 7.20pm, and as it was now only 8.30pm, we did not think it was unreasonable for us to still be at the table.

"You didn't book, so you can't expect to be at the table any longer." he said. We told him that we had booked, whereupon he checked to see if we were telling the truth. Clearly we had, so he did not continue with that approach.

At this point, another member of staff came over. He was much better, and at long last we began to receive a reasonable response. He suggested that it was up to us what we would like to pay, but we explained that it had never been about the money or the food. We would not want the kitchen staff or the waiters to suffer because of one man's appalling behaviour.

The food is good at the Blue Lagoon, and the environment is lovely. But if you go there, watch out if the small chubby man is on duty. If you can't eat everything in a little over an hour, your time may be up!
Date of Posting: 22 September 2013
Posted By: Alan
We have been coming here for a number of years now and always find the food and service first class. Staff are always friendly, helpful and informative. The food is always lovely, I have never had a complaint with anything ordered from here. Even the takeaway service is fantastic!!
Date of Posting: 01 November 2012
Posted By: Kevin Edwards

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